Let's hear what some of Will Husa's clients have said about him

Shahriar Allen, Director of Operations, IHI INC. - Energy Storage Division, said, "Will is the best that we have seen in his short time here. He not only provided great insights, but also was hugely productive."

Jim Toland, Senior Training Specialist, True Value Company, said, "Well, for the record, I think that your documentation is some of the best stuff we have had over the years. Unlike others, you have a knack for taking tech stuff and making it user-friendly."

Larry Mull, Marketing Manager, True Value Company, said, "Documentation like this doesn't grow on trees!"

Doug Frost, Director of Business Applications, Arthur J. Gallagher & Company, said, "You've captured my vision!"

Dave Crooks, Business Owner, Easy Pay Solutions, said, "I think you did a great job and that's what really counts."

David Goldsteen, MD, Chairman and CEO, VigiLanz Corporation, said, "Hi Will. The team is very pleased with your work to date. Thanks for your great effort!"

Regis Snyder, MIS Manager, GTE Communications Systems, said, "Hey Will, if you had written this Enterprise Software documentation, we'd be using it now!"